Robotics-Assisted Partial Knee Replacement

Robotic Accuracy. Surgeon Expertise.

Alvarado Hospital offers both traditional minimally invasive and CT-free robotic partial knee replacement surgery. This is in addition to our robotic total knee replacement and computer-navigated hip replacement procedures offered. The robotic-assisted surgical system helps surgeons perform precise and accurate partial knee placement utilizing the most advanced technologies available.

The robotics technology alleviates the needs to have a CT scan prior to the procedure, which means less radiation exposure for patients.

For partial knee replacement, Alvarado orthopedic surgeons use the Blue Belt Technologies Navio™ Surgical System. This technology assists the surgeon in building patient-specific surgical plans. The robotic-controlled hand piece provides additional precision for the surgeon.

The patient receives the benefits of robotic-guidance without additional time spent for pre-operative procedures. By using motion sensors placed around and on the knee during surgery to capture movement and the bone structure, the technology then feeds the information to a nearby computer for mapping. By using this kinematic reconstruction and anatomic landmarks, the knee ligaments can be better balanced for a more natural-feeling knee.

For osteoarthritis sufferers, the procedure is less invasive and results in a quicker recovery.

The roboticss-assisted partial knee replacement system expands the options for San Diegans who do not want a total knee replacement. The potential benefits of robotic-assisted partial knee replacement for patients are:

  • Consistent results
  • Accurately placed implants
  • Customized planning
  • No CT radiation required
  • Less pain
  • Quicker recovery
  • Lower risk of complications
  • Smaller incisions
  • Healthy ligaments retainied
  • Shorter hospital stay

Our patients stay in the brand-new Advanced Spine & Joint Institute, which was designed to reflect San Diego's beautiful landscapes and landmarks. The healing-designed unit is supported by several recovery-enhancement strategies, including early mobility through on-unit physical therapy, latest advances in anesthesia, specially trained nurses, family-centric unit, and an invitation for patients to wear comfortable clothes from home rather than hospital gowns. To learn more about how we achieve superior outcomes through our Marshall Steele-modeled program, click here.

Physician Referral

If you are looking for an orthopedists affiliated with our Advanced Joint Institute Marshall Steele program, call us at (800) 258-2723 or click here. You can also call our Advanced Spine & Joint Institute coordinators at (619) 229-4548. You can also e-mail the coordinators to learn more or for a physician referral.

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Alvarado Hospital has been named among the Top 100 Hospitals for Orthopedic Surgery in the nation by Healthgrades three years in a row (2014-2016). This distinction puts Alvarado Hospital in the top 5% of nearly 4,500 hospitals nationwide, as evaluted by Healthgrades, for the most common inpatient procedures and conditions.This accolade joins three other nationally recognitions: Distinguished Hospital for Clinical Excellence - Top 5% in Nation (2014-2016), Patient Safety Excellence - Top 5% in Nation (2015-2016) and America's 100 Best Hospitals for Spine Surgery - Top 5% in Nation (2014-2016) from Healthgrades. Click here to read more.

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