MS4 Tutorial

MS4 Tutorial (it is estimated to take approximate 1.5 hours)

PART 1: Staff ClinDoc Tutorial

PART 2: Staff ClinDoc Tutorial Redo

Video Tutorials

Superuser Tutorial Intro

Superuser Clindoc Training Video Housekeeping

Superuser Course Requirements Video

Superuser Tutorial Intro Part I -1

Superuser Module I Intro

Part 1: Break Video

Part 2: Resuming Training

Superuser Video Patient Search and Personal Census

Superuser Module 2 Intro

Superuser Module 3 Intro

Module 3-inhouse Transfer Redo -no printing

Module 4 Discharge Intro

Module 4 Discharge Process

Interfacility Transfer and Emr Printing

Superuser Module 4 -Other Considerations