News Posts in October, 2018

Alvarado Hospital Opens 30‐bed Geriatric Behavioral Health Department
Oct 30, 2018

New Program to Fill a Growing Need for Geriatric Care in San Diego. Alvarado Hospital’s new Senior Care Specialty Services Department has received the final clearance to open, and will start to receive patients on Monday, November 5, 2018. The ...

Alvarado's Irwin Goldstein on Genetic Link to Erectile Dysfunction
Oct 24, 2018

Scientists may have discovered a genetic risk factor for erectile dysfunction. There are many causes of the condition, including obesity, smoking, and cardiovascular problems. Those are still likely to be the primary reasons men develop the ...

Alvarado Hospital to Work With ORHub to Increase Surgical Procedure Efficiency
Oct 11, 2018

ORHub Announces Signing of Cooperation Agreement with Alvarado Hospital Medical Center, Led by Internationally Renowned MIS Spine Surgeon, Dr. Choll Kim. ORHub, Inc. (OTCQB: ORHB) (the "Company" or "ORHub"), is a physician-driven ...