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Focus on Fiber
Aug 8, 2019

( This blog, including text, graphics, images and other posted materials, is provided for general informational purposes only. This information is not intended as a substitute for medical treatment or advice. You should consult a physician for any ...

Fall Prevention and Quality of Life
Mar 6, 2019

Falls can be a threat to our quality of life for older adults age 60 and older. However, falls can be prevented if your risk of falls can be identified. Outpatient Therapy Services at Alvarado Hospital’s San Diego Rehabilitation Institute are ...

Alvarado's San Diego Rehabilitation Institute Helps the Physically Challenged With a Little Help From their PALS
Oct 18, 2017

James Geter is a double amputee and stroke survivor. If that’s all you knew about him, you might assume that he wouldn’t have much to laugh or feel happy about. But here is he is with his two buddies, Dusty Ferreiro and Fred Brock, ...

Common Causes of Low Libido
Sep 27, 2016

Many women and their partners never acknowledge the importance of maintaining good sexual health. In fact, many women simply don’t know that their sexual health can have a serious impact on their overall health, wellness and relationships. ...

The New Pink Pill: Helping Women Ignite Their Sexual Interest
Aug 3, 2016

As the internationally renowned leader of the first hospital-based sexual medicine program in the country, Dr. Goldstein is dedicated to bringing real solutions to men and women alike who struggle with low sex-drive. According to Dr. Irwin Goldstein ...

Mayo Clinic Proceedings on Hypogonadism
Aug 3, 2016

Mayo Clinic Proceedings recently published an important article on men’s health and testosterone. The Sexual Medicine Society of North America (SMSNA) assembled a panel of experts—including Dr. Irwin Goldstein —on men’s health ...