Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy

The goal of the speech-language pathologist at the San Diego Rehabilitation Institute is to provide functional evaluation and treatment of cognitive-linguistic, speech, voice and swallow disorders. A collaborative effort with the rehabilitation team, patients, families and physicians is made to provide individualized care and regain independence, following an illness or injury.

The ability to adequately communicate is an essential life skill that everyone needs for a satisfying quality of life. Likewise, cognitive changes such as reduced attention, memory or reasoning can negatively impact a patient's ability to return to school or gainful employment. Speech-language pathologists work with patients to develop functional strategies that allow for the successful return to activities of daily living.

Swallowing disorders can develop from neurological events, disease processes, injuries, head/neck surgery, cancer and other medical conditions. Neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) is a relatively new treatment that can help patients strengthen muscles used for swallowing, potentially leading to safer and more efficient nutrition. The treatment may not be recommended for patients with active cancer, pacemakers, reduced responsiveness, seizure disorders and deep brain stimulators.

Speech therapy services include the following:

  • Speech and language assessment and treatment
  • Cognitive assessment and retraining
  • Motor speech dysfunction
  • Alternative/augmentative communication evaluation and training
  • Pre- and post-laryngectomy therapy
  • Videostroboscopy and voice therapy
  • FEES/MSB evaluation of swallow dysfunction and treatment
  • Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation

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