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It's Safe to Come to Alvarado Hospital

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Placing patient safety in the forefront of our efforts goes to the core of who were are as healthcare professionals: It's in our culture; it's in our blood. Alvarado Hospital has been the recipient of the Healthgrades Patient Safety Excellence Award for the past eight consecutive years, from 2015-2022.
But aside from the awards and recognition, if you ever find yourself at Alvarado Hospital, it will be quickly apparent to you all the steps we take to ensure your safety, even during the pandemic. Everyone who steps into our facility is screened for respiratory symptoms. Everyone is masked. The smell of cleanser is always in the air. And all patients with respiratory symptoms are segregated from the general patient population.

It's important to remember that even during the time of COVID-19, other medical emergencies still need to be taken care of.

“Critical health emergencies, such as strokes and heart attacks, need to be taken care of immediately,” says Dr. Cohen, medical director of Alvarado Hospital's Emergency Services. “In the case of stroke, for example, there are short windows of time where specific drugs and procedures need to be administered that could spell the difference between life and death. If someone experiences symptoms of stroke, but avoids coming to the ER, that could be deadly.” All necessary steps to safeguard visitors to the emergency room at Alvarado Hospital have been taken. Visitors to the ER are first screened for symptoms of COVID-19. Those with fever and cough or shortness of breath are immediately separated and, in most cases, taken to a room immediately. “There are separate rooms and sections of the Emergency Department for respiratory patients, including two negative pressure rooms,” adds Dr. Cohen. “We are equipped to treat any COVID patients that come through our doors. And we remain ready to accept all other health emergencies as well. We are a certified Primary Stroke Center, and a STEMI Severe Heart Attack Receiving Center. I can’t emphasize enough that you shouldn’t feel the need to neglect your health from fear of catching COVID. We can take care of you.”

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