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Menopause isn’t just for women anymore. As men approach age 50, their testosterone levels decrease, which can lead to bothersome symptoms characterized by andropause, otherwise known as “male menopause.”

Alvarado Hospital’s Dr. Larry Emdur said, “A man may not realize he is experiencing male menopause, but his family and friends will notice a difference in behavior. Testosterone levels drop gradually and subtly, making it difficult to identify that hormonal changes are taking place.”

Symptoms men can experience as a result of low testosterone levels are decreased libido, irritability, less energy, inability to concentrate, and achy muscles. Doctors can test levels of testosterone by conducting a blood test or by a saliva test.

Testosterone treatment therapy is available to balance testosterone levels, which include the use of gels, patches and pellet injections. With injections, a physician injects a pellet into the buttocks and it releases testosterone into the body for up to four months. With the proper treatment, a man’s testosterone levels can improve within a matter of weeks.