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Many reunions consist of getting together and reminiscing about old times. For Alvarado Hospital’s Dr. Harper Summers, it meant conquering a new challenge.

This past September Dr. Summers reunited with his college roommate and friends and took part in the “14th Annual Alcatraz Invitational Swim.” Battling the elements, Dr. Summers (pictured second from right) overcame the cold water, swimming against the current and stormy weather to finish the 1.2-mile race in 28 minutes, 25 seconds.

Dr. Summers’ time was good enough to finish fourth among 200 participants in the wet suit swimming division, but he still aspires to do better. Next year he would like to trim 20 seconds off his swim time from Alcatraz to the mainland. More importantly, he would like to start a yearly tradition of a reunion with his college friends at this event.

Dr. Summers has been an avid swimmer for 10 years and has been a runner since his high school days. Each year he gets together with his friends from the cross-country team for friendly fun and competition. They used to run triathlons together, but have now decided to meet up north each year and swim in Alcatraz.

“It’s great to reconnect with old friends and establish a tradition that will bring us together many years to come,” said Dr. Summers. He currently lives in La Mesa and has been a pathologist at Alvarado Hospital for the past eight years.