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To help improve access to highly specialized heart care services, Alvarado Hospital has opened a new cardiac catheterization laboratory featuring the most advanced technology for viewing and treating complex heart conditions. The lab opened officially on July 6, 2010.

“The new cath lab has given us better optics, plus the ability to do peripheral vascular studies, as well as interventional cardiology,” said Thomas Young, MD, medical director of the cardiac cath lab.

The hospital’s investment in its new and expanded cath lab paves the way for increased access for patients with heart disease and other conditions that require the placement of stents and the opening of blocked arteries. The new cardiac cath lab is 1,290 square feet larger than the previous lab and features a one-of-a-kind viewing theater, which will allow doctors, nurses, students and other professionals to view procedures through monitors and large picture windows into the procedure room.

“Heart disease is the leading health condition in this country, and the new cath lab is a great asset to our community’s health,” said Dr. Young. “Our new system rotates 360 degrees around the patient, giving us a precise image of the heart and its vessels. It’s like going from black-and-white TV to HDTV. “Better visualization will allow us to pinpoint the heart’s blockages and help get the patient’s blood flowing again.” The theater has two-way audio and video communication capability connecting the procedure room to the viewing theater."