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Darrell Lee, 51, a San Diego resident, asked his primary physician for more than 20 years, Dr. Joseph Aiello of Alvarado Hospital, for something to help ease his chronic shoulder pain. Dr. Aiello suggested platelet rich plasma therapy (PRP), a new procedure that uses a concentrated injection of the patient’s own plasma to imitate the healing process that occurs when blood swells around injured areas.

Dr. Aiello is the only doctor in San Diego currently utilizing this revolutionary new procedure, one that has been used by professional athletes for several years.

Lee was an avid golfer who worked out and walked his dog regularly. He did his best to stay active and keep himself in shape, but things started to change when he began building a play area at a local community center. That’s when the pain started.

“I’ve had one treatment on each shoulder since last year,” said Lee. “I’ve regained full range of motion, and have been pain free ever since.” Prior to his treatments, both of Lee’s shoulders constantly ached. The pain became so severe that he could no longer work out or walk his dog; he wasn’t able to sleep well, and couldn’t even raise his hands above his head. Since his treatments, Lee has become a strong supporter of the PRP therapy.

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