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The Comebacker’s Neuro Club started in 1994 and is dedicated to providing opportunities for those who have experienced a cerebral vascular accident, brain injury, or neurological impairment. The purpose of the club is for the survivor and loved ones to gain knowledge and emotional support, to participate in recreational activities, and to encourage the survivor’s progress.

The club's complimentary monthly newsletter, Savvy Survivor, features information on upcoming educational lectures, recreational activities, community resources, medical and technology updates, and club happenings. The newsletter serves as a great communication tool to the membership and distributes to more than 350 survivors, families, and agencies interested in brain injury. The most recent issue of the newsletter is posted on the rehabiltation institute's home page.

  • The Aphasia Roundtable is a program of the club that is geared toward members who have aphasia (difficulty communicating). Those with aphasia often experience social and, at times, emotional isolation and this program provides additional opportunities for this group of people.
  • The Comebacker’s Neuro Club members are encouraged to advocate for stroke and brain injury awareness. Many of the club members volunteer to improve stroke awareness and recognition of stroke through partnerships with other agencies such as the American Heart/Stroke Association and the National Stroke Association. Every year, the club members lead off the 1-mile San Diego American Heart Association Heart Walk and help raise funds for education in stroke prevention. The club hosts a variety of annual events that are both fun and educational—often times generating media exposure, such as the annual Spaghetti fundraiser featured at the top (pictured left to right Joe Bauer; Barbara-Lee Edwards, Channel 8 news anchor; and Marti Emerald, City Councilwoman).
  • Peer support is an important part of the club. A number of the club members have become official Stroke Peer Visitor’s through the program at Alvarado Hospital, reaching the survivors and their families through supportive 1:1 visitations.