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Alvarado Hospital Posting ER Wait Times on Free App

Smart phones have revolutionized the ease of instant access to information. Now, smart phone applications can help save lives. Alvarado Hospital in San Diego is the first to partner with iTriage, an free app that leads you to the nearest emergency room using GPS technology.

Alvarado Hospital now posts its ER wait times on the iTriage smart phone app. Just download the app to your phone (iPhone and Android). Those with BlackBerries and other smart phones can go to iTriage to view Alvarado's current wait times.
“Generally people don’t anticipate visiting an ER,” said Dr. Kevin Kelly, emergency room director. “Having access to an app that will guide you to the nearest hospital is a life-saving resource and for less emergent care, the wait times are an added convenience.”

The application is free and available for all Web-enabled smart phones. The application isn’t just for emergencies; users can access the library of symptoms, diseases, procedures, and obtain quality reports on facilities and physicians. iTriage provides more than a million points of interest, and allows users to find the closest ER, urgent care, retail clinic, physician, or pharmacy. Although the app is up and currently available.