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Healthgrades, 5%, distinguished hospital

Ranking among the top 5% in the nation, Alvarado Hospital was differentiated from other hospitals in 2014 for overall clinical excellence as measured by objective outcomes across 30 of the most common diagnoses and procedures.

Healthgrades determined the winners of the 2014 Distinguished Hospital Award for Clinical Excellence™ by comparing data from 4,500 hospitals across the nation.

Nationally, if all hospitals performed at the level of Distinguished Hospital Award for Clinical Excellence in 2014 recipients during the study period, 156,036 lives could have potentially been saved, according to Healthgrades, a leading provider of comprehensive information about physicians and hospitals.

"This is reinforces that our physicians and staff are focused on providing exceptional care to our neighbors, which is recognized on a national level," said Robin Gomez, Alvarado Hospital administrator. "We know we provide some of the best care in the nation, but we are gratified to have it validated by an outside source—especially one such as Healthgrades that has a reputation for using only objective, measurable data (risk-adjusted mortality and in-hospital complications).

"This recognition helps consumers know that hospital quality differs significantly from hospital to hospital—and that informed consumers can use resources such as Healthgrades to help choose the hospital and physicians with the best reputation for quality care," said Dr. Larry Emdur, the hospital's medical director. "Distinguished Hospital Award for Clinical Excellence recipients stand out for their overall clinical performance across a broad spectrum of care and reinforces to our patients that they are in the best of hands at Alvarado Hospital."

From 2010-2012, Distinguished Hospitals for Clinical Excellence recipients as a group had an overall 26.4% lower risk-adjusted mortality rate as compared to other hospitals that did not achieve the Distinguished Hospital recognition.

In addition to the Top 5% for Clinical Excellence in the Nation, Alvarado was top-ranked nationally in several other services:

2014 Healthgrades Awards

Top 5% in Nation for Clinical Excellence – Healthgrades Distinguished Hospital Award 2014

America's Best 100 Hospitals

America's 100 Best Hospitals for Orthopedic Surgery™
America's 100 Best Hospitals for Spine Surgery™
America's 100 Best Hospitals for Critical Care™


Orthopedic Surgery Excellence Award™
Top 10% in Nation for Overall Orthopedic Services
Five-Star Recipient for Hip Fracture Treatment

Spine Surgery

America's 100 Best Hospitals for Spine Surgery™
Top 10% in Nation for Spine Surgery
Five-Star Recipient for Back Surgery
Five-Star Recipient for Spinal Fusion Surgery
Spine Surgery Excellence Award™


Five-Star Recipient for Carotid Surgery


Five-Star Recipient for Gallbladder Removal Surgery

Critical Care

America's 100 Best Hospitals for Critical Care™
Critical Care Excellence Award
Top 5% in Nation for Critical Care
Five-Star Recipient for Treatment of Sepsis

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