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Patient Rights

As a patient, you have a right to:

  • Respectful consideration of your religious and cultural practices.
  • Appropriate management of pain and discomfort.
  • Speak up and ask questions about your care. If there is anything unclear or if you have questions about anything, please do not leave them unresolved. Asking questions will help keep you informed and it will help prevent any errors. (Refer to the "Speak Up!” brochure in your admissions packet.) We love speaking with our patients and we look forward to hearing your questions and comments.
  • Information about your health in a language you can understand.
  • Provide consent as you have the right to accept or refuse care.
  • Privacy and confidentiality of your personal health and your medical records.
  • You have the right to designate a person to serve as your agent for medical decisions should you be unable to do so yourself through an Advanced Directive.

As a patient, you have a responsibility to:

  • Actively participate in decisions about your care.
  • Be as accurate as possible about your current medical history, treatments and medications.
  • Let your doctor or nurse know if you are concerned about treatment or cannot follow a certain treatment plan.
  • Follow your doctor’s advice regarding your level of activity, diet and other healthcare requirements.
  • Be considerate of other patients and hospital staff, using hospital property and equipment only for their intended purposes.
  • Fulfill your financial obligations and ask for an explanation if you have any questions regarding your bill.

Please Speak Up: Communication is Essential

What we may ask you:

  • What is your pain level?
  • Have your personal needs been met?
  • What medications do you take?
  • Do you have an Advanced Directive?
  • Do you need information/education about your disease, medication, level of activity, or anything else?
  • Do you understand the plan of care for today?

What you want to ask us:

  • What pills are these?
  • Who are you? All employees wear name badges
  • Have you washed your hands?
  • I have a question!

You are encouraged to ask questions:

  • Speak up so that you can better participate in your care, for your safety, and if you have any concerns or questions.
  • Contact your nurse, charge nurse, administrative coordinator/manager and ask questions. We will make sure your questions are answered to your satisfaction.

Have a Complaint?

Our goal is ensure you receive excellent care at Alvarado Hospital. If a problem arises during your stay, please contact your nurse right away so we can take appropriate steps to resolve your problem while you are still a patient. If you are not happy with the outcome, please call the Alvarado Hospital Patient Experience coordinator at 619-229-7293.

Patient Experience Coordinator

Alvarado Hospital has a staff person dedicated to ensuring you have the best patient experience possible. If you ever have any questions, concerns or compliments about our staff or your experience, please contact Cathy Gomez at 619-229-7293 or e-mail her.

If you still believe your concerns are not being addressed, you can file a complaint at one of the two organizations:

The Joint Commission
Office of Quality and Patient Safety
One Renaissance Blvd.
Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181
Phone: 800-994-6610
Fax: 630-792-5636

California Department of Public Health
Online Complaint Form