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Robotics-Assisted Knee Replacement

Robotic Precision. Top 5% in Nation.

robotics, robotic knee replacement, San Diego knee replacementIf you are experiencing debilitating pain caused by joint degeneration in your knee, it is time to consider a knee replacement procedure. Total knee surgery has come a long ways since its original inception and Alvarado Hospital offers the most advanced technology available today.

This is combined with our surgeons' expertise, which has positioned us to be the only California hospital to be ranked among America's 100 Best for Orthopedic Surgery four years in a row (2014-2018) by Healthgrades.

We offer the traditional minimally invasive total knee replacement as well as robotics-assisted knee replacement. As a pioneer in the field, Alvarado is the first hospital in San Diego to offer OMNIBotics™ Robotic-Assisted Total Knee Replacement. This procedure uses robotic technology driven by a modern surgical navigation platform, to allow the surgeon the ability to precisely plan and execute a procedure that is specific to each individual patient. This optimizes prosthetic implant placement.

Robotics also allows the surgeon to customize surgical treatment for each individual patient, ultimately achieving the kind of precision that improves clinical outcomes. Your surgeon can fit and align the implant before any bone resections are performed. No pre-operative imaging studies such as CTs or MRIs are necessary, reducing patient exposure to radiation.

knee replacementThe robotic-assisted system uses a patented BONE MORPHING™ technology that quickly builds and displays a 3D model of the individual patient's anatomy in real-time during the surgical procedure. Using this 3D imagery, the surgeon can more safely and accurately implement the surgical procedure. The computer system communicates the surgeon's plan to the robotic guidance system, which allows the surgeon to perform precision bone resections and optimize ligamentous or soft-tissue balancing achieving the very best clinical possible outcome for each patient.

  • Patient Specific Surgery - The procedure uses a patented Bone Morphing™ technology that quickly builds a 3D model of the patient’s knee during surgery. The surgeon can safely and accurately plan his or her bone resections and implant placement based on each patient’s anatomy. Once the implant position is optimized, the robotic system will position the cutting guides. The surgeon is not dependent on making a pre-operative plan based on CT scans or X-rays, therefore saving the patient from unnecessary exposure to high amounts of radiation.
  • Precise Leg Alignment - Well-defined algorithms and adjustable resection guides enable the surgeon to accurately reconstruct the mechanical axis of the patient’s leg. This advanced technology allows the surgeon to reproduce the leg’s mechanical axis quickly and easily. During surgery, a real time assessment of limb alignment and soft tissue tension can be made for surgeons to verify that their surgery was executed with the utmost precision.

Advanced Joint Institute Experience

roomWith the advances of minimally invasive surgery and robotics, you stay with us will be brief. With our patients in mind, we recently renovated our orthopedics-only patient unit using healing design. Reflecting San Diego's beautiful landscapes and landmarks, during your rehabilitation, you will stroll along the "boardwalk," as you stroll past various San Diego towns. Each patient room is named after a popular San Diego destination and the theme is carried into each room.

We have on-unit rehabilitation and therapists, family-center activities and you are encouraged to wear comfortable clothes from home instead of hospital gowns.

Find a Physician

To find an orthopedic surgeon affiliated with the Advanced Spine & Joint Institute at Alvarado Hospital, click here, e-mail us (do not include personal medical information in your e-mail) or call 619-229-4548 to reach our nurse navigator.

Alvarado Hospital is proud to be the only California hospital ranked among America's 100 Best for Orthopedic Surgery (2014-2017)!