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Healing-Designed Unit

people in hallwayWith our patients recovery in mind, healing design was incorporated into our new Advanced Spine & Joint Institute. The orthopedics-only patient unit covers the entire top floor of Alvarado Hospital and reflects San Diego's beautiful landscapes and landmarks. As you stroll along the "boardwalk" floors during your rehabilitation, you can observe San Diego's picturesque cities.

Each room is named after a town, so our patients stay in the Del Mar room, the La Jolla room, or perhaps, the Coronado room. This theme is carried into each patient room as well. All patient rooms are private with private bathrooms.

Because the support of loved ones is important to patient recovery, our unit also is family-centered. Each room features a recliner that can double as an overnight lounger if a family member chooses to stay. A family lounge offers an opportunity for larger families to eat together or enjoy a movie.

hospital roomThe rehabilitation room is located on the patient unit floor. Patients are up early the day after surgery (sometimes the day of) to start therapy, as research has shown that early rehabilitation leads to quicker recovery. Family members are asked to participate to provide encouragement and to learn strategies to keep the therapy going once the patient returns home.

Each patient receives a comprehensive book to explain what happens before surgery, during recovery, post-op and return to home. It provides all the exercises needed to continue therapy at home.

A favorite component of our program is that patients can wear comfortable clothes from home, such as sweat suits and t-shirts, instead of hospital gowns. Hospital gowns can make you feel sick and our goal is to get you focused on wellness.

Our nurses are specially trained to assist orthopedic patients and our nurse navigator helps patients transition seamlessly through each step of the process from pre-op education, in-hospital stay, case management and post-op follow-through.

Due to our advanced technology—such as minimally invasive, lasers, robotics and 3D imaging—your stay with us will be short.

To contact our nurse navigators, click here or call 619-229-4548.