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The Advanced Digital Mammography Suite

Precise Digital Technology in a Comforting, Friendly Setting.

images for mammogram officeAlvarado Hospital’s Advanced Digital Mammography Suite features the Siemens Mammomat Inspiration mammogram with “PRIME Technology” that’s designed to capture the most detailed scans in high definition for the diagnosing physician. The Mammography Suite itself is designed to be as comfortable and inviting as we can make it for the benefit of our patients. We realize that the process of getting a mammogram is not the most pleasant experience, so we went out of our way to your visit to our Suite as pleasant as it can be.

An important component of the Mammography Suite is the addition of the Kubtec Xpert40 Specimen Radiography system. This allows our technicians to examine tissue specimens immediately so we can avoid sending our patients off-campus to a third-party pathology lab. This will save you valuable time and help you avoid a lot of discomfort.

Make sure to speak to your physician about the Alvarado Hospital Advanced Digital Mammography Suite. Call us for more information at 619-229-7164.