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PALS Program--Community Services

“PALS” describes the various post-treatment programs that Alvarado Hospital’s San Diego Rehabilitation Institute (SDRI) has for the benefit of our senior community or individuals with a physical disability. The Stroke Peer Visitor Program, the Senior Fitness Class, SoCal Rehab Golf Program, Comebackers Neuro Club, Alvarado Balance Club (ABC), the Art for All program, and the Aphasia Group all fall under the umbrella of Programs for Active Living & Support—PALS.

These programs are designed to help seniors and individuals with disabilities to achieve optimal physical, cognitive, social and emotional health.

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The Stroke Peer Visitor Program

Alvarado Hospital’s unique Peer Visitor Program pairs an individual who has recently experienced a stroke with a stroke survivor who has successfully made the transition back to a functional lifestyle. The goal is to provide an extra measure of assurance that life does indeed go on after a stroke, while sharing with new stroke survivors what to expect during recovery.

Unless you’ve lived it, how can you possibly understand the many challenges faced by patients and caregivers during recovery from a stroke? The peer visitors’ role is to help new survivors and their loved ones adjust to life after stroke. Stroke survivors and caregivers may feel depressed, isolated or overwhelmed. The support of a peer visitor who has had that same experience can make a big difference in the journey to recovery.

Senior Fitness Class

This is a free, fun, interactive class set to music that is designed to increase muscle strength, range of movement and improve activities of daily living. The class will primarily consist of seated exercises. Elastic bands and hand weights are offered for resistance. This gentle exercise class can be modified to include standing movements with chair support, depending on fitness level. A chair will be used for seated and standing support. A friendly group atmosphere that is led by a physical therapist and meets weekly on Tuesdays. A physician consent is required to participate in the class. RSVP required.

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SoCal Rehab Golf Program

Promoting golf for individuals who have a physical disability, our goal is to introduce golf as a therapeutic activity. The program is designed to increase golf skills, present adaptations, familiarize with community golf courses, build camaraderie, and create an opportunity to play in a recreational and competitive atmosphere.

The Golf Program is led by a PGA Teaching professional and Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialists.

The SoCal Rehab Golf Club is for golfers whose play may be limited due to an illness or physical impairment yet enjoy the comradery and challenge of being out on the course. All golf skill levels are invited.

“The Back Nine” Senior Golf Program
Back Nine is for seniors of all abilities who may be experiencing decreased balance and flexibility, loss of core strength, limited range of motion, or impaired fine and gross motor skills. Golf is a life-time sport that can be adapted to any ability level no matter the person’s age. This program includes instruction at golf clinics and an opportunity to play on the course. Participants will be encouraged to join the SoCal Rehab Golf Club as their physical abilities and golf skills improve.

Clinics will be conducted by a PGA professional experienced in working with older athletes and the physically challenged. He will be assisted by recreational and physical therapists from Alvarado Hospital’s San Diego Rehabilitation Institute.

Back Nine participants are responsible for clinic fee and discounted greens fees.

The SoCal Rehab Golf Classic is an annual 9-hole scramble golf tournament where three or more players form a team comprised of at least one individual with a physical challenge, with rules emphasizing fun without the pressure of keeping individual scores.

The Comebackers Neuro Club

The Comebackers Neuro Club provides opportunities for those who have experienced a neurological incident, such as a stroke, traumatic brain injury or other neurological impairment. Survivors, family members and caregivers are offered education, recreation and a support network to promote ongoing recovery. The club meets monthly. Call today to receive your complimentary newsletter, the Savvy Survivor to keep informed about upcoming events.

The Alvarado Balance Class (ABC)

The Alvarado Balance Class is a free class for fitness and fun, with an emphasis on balance and maintaining mobility for older adults. The class incorporates gentle chair exercises, stretching and breathing techniques as well as standing balance exercises. A fun friendly group atmosphere is led by an occupational therapist and meets weekly on Thursdays. A physician consent is required to participate in class. RSVP required.

Art For All

A hands-on introduction to various mediums, art techniques and ceramics which encourages personal creative expression through various projects. Modifications or adaptive techniques may be utilized for optimal success. Classes are taught by local artisans. The 1.5-hour class rotates weekly between art (one session per week) and ceramics (two sessions per week).

Art pieces from the Art for All "Distant Images II" art show can be viewed here.

The Aphasia Group

The Aphasia Group is a weekly class offered to individuals with aphasia. The class focuses on providing practice communicating in real-life conversations in a comfortable and supportive environment. Information is also provided about available resources for continued home exercise for speech and language skills. The group atmosphere allows individuals to learn from each other and receive support from those who are experiencing similar challenges.

consent form buttonIf you or a loved one are interested in participating in any PALS programs, simply contact us at 619-229-7216 Monday-Friday, between 9 AM-3:30 PM. We are located at 6645 Alvarado Road, San Diego, CA 92120.

Participation in all PALS programs require a signed consent from your physician or healthcare provider. Download the consent form here. Fax a completed consent form to us at: 619-229-7161.