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Sleep Disorders Center

We recognize that sleep disorders can dramatically impact the quality of your life. Alvarado Hospital's multidisciplinary Sleep Center offers testing and solutions for your sleep disorders, including the following conditions:

Sleep Studies

A sleep study consists of sleeping overnight in one of the comfortable and hotel-like bedrooms at Alvarado Hospital. We place a number of electrodes on your body to monitor your brain waves, eye and limb movements, heart rate, breathing and snoring. We also monitor the level of oxygen in your blood, as well as the actual movement of your chest and abdomen during sleep.

The monitoring equipment is painless. The electrode wires are gathered into a "ponytail” behind your head so you can roll over and change position almost as easily as you would sleep at home. The monitoring equipment and staff are housed in a separate area from your sleeping room.

You may feel strange at first with the electrodes on your skin. However, most people do not find them uncomfortable or an obstacle to falling asleep. The sleep medicine specialists recognize that you may not sleep exactly as you do at home, but this does not cause a problem in obtaining the necessary information from your sleep study.

Physician Referral

For more information on treatments or a tour of the facility, call the Sleep Center coordinator at 619-229-7000 or e-mail her. To find a primary care physician or specialist, contact one of our friendly customer service representatives at (800) ALVARADO (800-258-2723) 24 hours a day or simply click on the Physician Finder link. Alvarado Hospital accepts almost all private and government insurance plans.

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